Sushant Kumar

I'm in love with Frontend Development and UX Design

Sushant Kumar, Co-founder & CEO InternStreet

About Me

I've started InternStreet to change the way students learn online. We provide online courses with 1-on-1 mentoring from industry experts. I'm always excited about the new technologies and passionate about building new products. I've been working as a Designer and Developer from the past four years, and in that time I've worked on some amazing projects and learned a lot along the way. I take risks, sometimes it works and sometimes it didn't. But the key is that I always learn from my mistakes and experiences.

I consider myself as a quick learner and I like participating in an open discussion on varied topics and interacting with a number of people around. I am also proud of my decision-making skills. I take decisions in seconds and never regret that. I think taking calculated risks and analyzed decision is the key to success.

Some Recent Works

Fashionove UI/UX

Fashionove is India's first hyper-local Fashion Search and Review portal. Users can Discover Fashion Stores, Fashion Boutiques, and Tailors around them at a single touch. For me its a great learning experience to design the product right from scratch.

Fashionove UI Design
Fashionove UI Design

Fashionove WEB DESIGN

The main goal is to give a map based search experience on the web. I created some simple designs with easy navigation and coded it in HTML5, CSS3 and AngularJS.

Fashionove B2B Mobile APP

The main focus is to provide one mobile application to the fashion store owner to manage their customers. The biggest challenge was to create an awesome UI with simple user experience.

*Due to some NDA terms the designs are modified

Fashionove UI Design

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