Fashionove Mobile APP

Product Strategy and Design

What is Fashionove ?

Fashionove is India's first hyper-local Fashion Search and Review portal. Discover Fashion Stores, Fashion Boutiques, and Tailors around you at a single touch. Get in-depth store details, store images and videos, product catalogue and price points along with credible rating and reviews. So, no need to hop from one store to another as now you can visit a store virtually on Fashionove before visiting it physically.

The idea is to create some thing useful for fashion lovers. Shopping is fun but at the same time its time consuming as well. So it's really helpful if you can find stores according to your preference and only visit them to get your stuffs.

How I approached ?

I started with some research and try to understand the target users. Discussed a lot with my colleagues to understand what kind of features will really help the fashion lovers. I also checked for similar kind of products and website and tried to understand their UX. After all this its time to draw some rough sketches and interactive prototypes.

User Research

I usually start asking relevant questions about the target users and try to understand the business dynamics.

Ideate with storyboards

I create story boards and try to think of all possible solutions. After that I try to discuss the alternatives among possible target users and choose the best one from that.

Design the solution

Finally its time to design the interactive prototypes and get some hands dirty on Adobe photoshop or illustrator.

Initial Wireframes

Testing it among the target users

Once I'm done with the interactive prototypes. I started testing it with the potential users and get the valuable feedback before jumping into the visual design. Iterating your prototypes according to user feedback is real fun. After all this I start playing around with the colors. Finally I took few more feedbacks from the users on the visual design and iterated accordingly.